The very nature of college suggests that students are in an atmosphere that mimics the convenience of a home environment. Quality and convenience of services are not only encouraged by students, but required in order to provide the best student experience available. The Plan suggests many different ways the university can improve the quality of its services for students.

INITIATIVE: Improve Campus Safety

The safety of our students at the University of Louisville is one of the most important roles of leaders at our institution, Student Government included. We will work to develop and strengthen several programs to improve student safety on campus.

  • Goal: Work with Business Affairs to establish a safe nighttime walking route through campus (2016) Completed

  • Goal: 50 DPS officers on campus (2016) Completed

  • Goal: Pilot a nighttime taxi or shuttle service for free student use on weekends (2017) Completed

  • Goal: Improve escort system efficiency to decrease wait times (2018)

INITIATIVE: Improve Student Parking

As students continue to commute to the University of Louisville and have hometowns outside of Louisville, a location to park cars and other vehicles remains important. Student Government is committed to pushing for new parking on campus.

  • Goal: Open new Chevron Parking Lot (2014) Completed

  • Goal: Conduct an annual audit to determine the relationship between number of available parking spots and number of parking passes sold (2017)

INITIATIVE: Improve Dining Services

Dining services is important to students. Students request that if we must pay for dining services, then we must receive as many quality options for healthy, affordable food and services as possible.

  • Goal:  Fully developed meal plan transfer system (2011) Completed

  • Goal:  Farmer’s Market on Belknap Campus (2015) Completed

  • Goal:  Advocate for student usage of meal card off campus (2019)

Image of the Ville Grill from outside

INITIATIVE: Improve Sustainability Measures

Using energy efficiency is a new issue that has become a central focus for UofL. In an effort to improve student awareness of the issue and make our campus cleaner, SGA will work to develop programs to make our campus more sustainable.

  • Goal: Develop campus-wide recycling program to include affiliated housing properties (2013) Completed

  • Goal:  Develop integrative system for bike usage on campus (2015) Completed

  • Goal: Create a Green Fund Fee that will be used to complete sustainability measures on campus (2017) (In Progress)  

INITIATIVE: Improve Student Health Services

Starting in June 2010, Student Health Services will be located to Cardinal Station on 3rd street. Student Government is committed to working with Student Health to make sure we benefit as best we can from this move.

  • Goal: Assume an active role in the Healthy Campus 2020 initiative (2018)